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About Trackversal

Trackversal is a compact and modern find-my-things tracker that can be attached to valuables such as wallets, pets, and bicycles. Why stick with traditional GPS trackers that haven’t improved much in years and continuously suffer from costly subscription fees to abysmal battery life, or bluetooth trackers that relies on having phones nearby? Try Trackversal, and become one of the first early adopters of a cutting-edge IoT solution that people actually need -- by tracking your belongings only when you need it, instead of wastefully draining battery and incurring data charges when you don’t.


Trackversal seamlessly switches between Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS to ensure more accurate and efficient tracking information.
Global Coverage

With global coverage and unlimited range, you can find your items from anywhere in the world.

Starting from $0/month

No more expensive hidden or monthly fees, and only pay for what you use.

Long Battery Life

With weeks to months of battery life, Trackversal can keep working to protect your belongings, 24/7.

Hardware-backed Security

With local millitary grade encryption, not even us have the ability to access your data.

Bluetooth 5.0 LE

Using the power of your phone's onboard sensors, the battery life is significantly enhanced.


When the device is lost, it sends a beacon home via LTE CAT-M, anywhere in the world.

GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou

The device leverages powerful geopositioning satellites to guarantee location accuracy.


With Wi-Fi geopositioning, your local wifi access points just turned into location beacons!

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